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C02-FOLFOXResistanceSubgroup: screen personalized alternative treatments for subgroups of FOLFOX resistant colorectal cancer

FOLFOX is a chemotherapy regimen. FOLFOX is used to treat colorectal cancer. The observed objective response to FOLFOX in metastatic colorectal cancer is ~50%. Carbon Logic Biotech CRC.FOLFOXResistanceSubgroup aims to investigate subgroups of FOLFOX resistant patterns and screen personalized alternative treatments:

(1) CRC.FOLFOXResistanceSubgroup predicts response to FOLFOX treatment
       (a) FOLFOX treated stage 4 colorectal cancer patients with objective response: sensitivity of 97.6% and a specificity of 100%.
       (b) FOLFOX treated stage 4 colorectal cancer patients: HR=2.6, pvalue=0.02(Figure 1A).
       (c) FOLFOX treated epithelial-mesenchymal transition subtype stage 3 colorectal cancer patients: HR=2.36, pvalue=0.02(Figure 1B).

Figure 1A.
Figure 1B.

(2) We investigate PARP inhibitors+FOLFOX as an alternative treatment for the IML1 subgroup of FOLFOX nonresponders(red box, right panel, Figure 2).

Figure 2. screen alternative treatments for subgroups of FOLFOX nonresponders

Sun Tian , Fulong Wang , Shixun Lu, Gong Chen. (2020) Identification of Two Subgroups of FOLFOX Resistance Patterns and Prediction of FOLFOX Response in Colorectal Cancer Patients. Cancer Investigation. DOI: 10.1080/07357907.2020.1843662. PMID: 33258714